Tori Roloff Documented Jackson Being Ember's Valentine & It's Precious

Jackson Roloff and Ember Roloff

By now, it's pretty safe to say that our social media feeds are flooded with all sorts of Valentine's Day stuff. Gifts. Sappy love notes. Photos of love. Flower shots. It's all there. While there's a good chance one or two people are tired of all the love, Tori Roloff's photos of Jackson being Ember's valentine is exactly what we needed to see.

It's truly precious.
  • Tori, who happens to be an ah-may-zing photographer, took a series of photos that documented Jackson being his cousin's valentine.

    Aside from the 1-year-old duo being all sorts of adorable, we simply cannot get enough of Jackson and Ember Roloff. Something tells us they'll grow up to be the best of friends!

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  • And it's the best delivery of Valentine's Day gifts we've ever seen!!

    Scrolling through Tori Roloff's photos -- including seeing little Ember with her balloons and flowers -- was just too much!

  • Jackson Roloff is quite the valentine.

    Instagram comments

    ... and busy, too!

    Judging by Tori's photos, it looks like the little guy not only stopped by his cousin Ember's house, but another little one, too.

  • So sweet!

    There are not enough heart and heart-eyed emojis to express how wonderful and precious and adorable and lovely this is.

    Happy Valentine's Day, Roloff family!