Amy Schumer Sums Up Life as a Tired, Pregnant Mom in One Photo

Amy Schumer

We feel like a broken record constantly talking about this expectant celeb mom, but we don't care! Amy Schumer just gets it -- and isn't afraid to keep it 100 when it comes to carrying life in the womb, or let it all hang out for that matter. Case in point: Amy Schumer's latest pregnancy photo shows the realities of what to expect while expecting.

... and it might involving kicking the feet up without any pants on.
  • Amy took to the 'Gram to share a photo of herself catching up on some much-needed rest ... or the aftermath of being sick (it's 50/50 while pregnant).

    "Thank you to the designers for letting me sit front row like this. #nyfw #happybirthdayoliver," she playfully writes in her Instagram post.

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  • And just yes, to all of this.

    No effs are given here, which is one of the reasons why we appreciate Amy so much. She isn't afraid to let people see her sweat (literally) and doesn't shy away from showing how horrible pregnancy can be -- like puking around the clock or being hospitalized.

  • It's quite clear her fans are here for Amy's pant-free snap.

    Instagram comments

    They're right: Amy's photo does sum up pregnancy.

    No words or explanation necessary.

  • And honestly, so are we.

    Rest up, mama. Heaven knows ya need it with all that you're doing while pregnant.

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