Brittany Kerr Is 'About to Pop' in Bare Baby Bump Photo

Brittany Kerr and Jason Aldean

Looks like someone is getting closer to her due date! As we continue our 2019 celeb baby watch, one mom-to-be will likely welcome her newest addition sooner than later. Brittany Kerr's latest baby bump photo proves she's ready to pop and has fans thrilled to meet her and hubby Jason Aldean's little one.

  • Brittany took to the 'Gram to share a quick update about baby number two.

    "Bumpdate: About to pop! (37 weeks)," the mom-to-be writes in her Instagram post.

    Back in July, Brittany and Jason revealed they're expecting their second child together. Their baby girl will join their 1-year-old son, Memphis, and Jason's two daughters -- Keeley, 15, ad Kendyl, 11 -- from his marriage to Jessica Ussery.
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  • And people are so ready to meet her little one on the way.

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    Last November, Brittany revealed her daughter's name: Navy Rome.

    "Navy is a fast-rising name that's joining the ranks of the popular 'new cowgirl' style," Laura Wattenberg, founder, revealed to CafeMom.

    "Navy and the other 'new cowgirls' are most popular in the regions where country music is hot on the radio, so it's a fitting choice for a country star. Other favorites include Paisley, Oakley, Kinley, Ryleigh, Hadley, Blakely and Brynlee."

  • Plus, can we say how great Brittany looks?

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    There's something about baby bump photos that get us excited for the future.

    ... mainly because we're nosy and want to see close-ups of the cuddly little one.

  • Welp, it looks like we should all soak it in as this will likely be Brit's last rodeo in the pregnancy department.

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    She could always change her mind, of course, but it looks like the shop will be closed after Navy makes her big debut.

  • We can't wait to meet baby Navy.

    Only a couple more weeks -- or any day now should she decide to come early!

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