Kate Hudson's Photo Bottle-Feeding Baby Rani Sparks Breastfeeding Debate

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Kate Hudson
Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Michael Kors

Oh the day when a mom can share a photo without anyone trying to add some subliminal message to it. Kate Hudon's bottle-feeding photo was suppose to be a sweet mommy-daughter moment captured for all to see. Instead, it has a number of people sounding off about breastfeeding. (Spoiler alert: It doesn't seem like peeps are super happy.)

  • Kate took to social media to share a moment she shared with her daughter Rani while feeding her.

    "We love a onesie," Kate Hudson wrote in her Instagram post.

    Kate welcomed Rani, her first daughter and third child, on October 3. The 3-month-old is the actress's first child with her beau, Danny Fujikawa, who joins her sons -- Ryder, 15, and Bingham, 7 -- from previous relationships.
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  • Welp, some people took it for what it was: a cute picture.

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    Kate and Rani are a pretty adorable mother-daughter duo.

  • Others, however, can't help but bring up breastfeeding.

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    Although there are noteworthy benefits to breastfeeding, mention of it -- seemingly in response to Kate bottle-feeding -- doesn't come off as coming from a genuine (or nice) place.

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  • ... especially since Kate shared a breastfeeding photo not too long ago.

    It's obvious Kate Hudson breastfeeds Rani, but also apparent she uses bottles, too.

    Is that really a bad thing?

  • Folks aren't letting up, questioning Kate if there's breast milk in the bottle she's giving Rani.

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    People are seriously flustered about it.

  • Moms who used bottles to feed their babies felt the need to chime in, as frustrated mothers are still being shamed for following suit.

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    (Sidenote: We live for any and all bottle-feeding hacks any mama wants to send our way. They can and often do come in handy.)

  • But at the end of the day, *fed* is best -- which is all that really matters.

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    Kate shouldn't be questioned about her decision to feed baby Rani from a bottle or be shamed in any manner for doing so. Some breastfeeding moms use bottles. Some moms have difficulty breastfeeding. And some women just don't feel like giving it a try.

    There are far bigger issues to focus on in life.

  • Kate's child, Kate's decision.

    It's really that simple.

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