Deena Cortese Calls Baby CJ the 'Best Birthday Gift Ever' in Heartwarming New Photo

Deena Cortese Jersey Shore photo

Sure, Deena Cortese's son may have been fashionably late coming into the world, but now that he's finally here, the Jersey Shore star has been sharing plenty of updates. From leaving the hospital with her new bundle of joy (and then being mom shamed for his outfit, ugh) to comparing him to her late father, Deena's posted plenty of photos of CJ already. Our favorite, however, has to be her latest pic, where she gives her baby a shoutout on her very own birthday.

  • Deena turned 32 on Saturday and gave fans a reminder that she'd already received the perfect present.

    Taking to Instagram, she shared a pic of herself snuggling with CJ, captioning the shot "Best birthday gift ever."

    Well, we can't argue there!

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  • The star received tons of love from her castmates and friends -- including a funny comment from Pauly D.

    Instagram comments

    It was a reference to the show, when he celebrated his own special day and said "I love birthdays this time of year!"

  • And fans definitely agreed with what Deena said.

    Instagram comments

    Little CJ is the best gift ever, ever, ever!

  • They also couldn't get enough of how sweet she looked holding her new son.

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    Baby snuggles for the win.

  • Moms made sure to tell Deena to enjoy these moments while they last.

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    It's true: They aren't this small forever!

  • (Basically us right now.)

  • A few folks took the opportunity to remind Deena not to pay attention to the haters.

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    She's doing the best she can, and that's all that matters!

  • Also, can we just take a moment to fully appreciate how cute this kid is?!

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    His. Little. Face. 

    We can't take it!

  • Happy birthday, Deena!

    We would say that we hope it was a good one, but even from here, we know that was the case!

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