Kate Hudson Shares a Breastfeeding Photo & of Course People Have Opinions

Kate Hudson Shares a Breastfeeding Photo & of Course People Have Opinions

Kate Hudson and Rani Rose photo

Within the past few months, Kate Hudson has posted some pretty sweet photos of her new daughter, Rani Rose. So far, we've seen this baby being held by her brother, adored by her grandparents, and in an outfit that gave us flashbacks to Overboard. However, it's Kate's latest update on her little one that has the star's Instagram comments blowing up, both with praise and, unfortunately, some undeserved criticism.

  • Over the weekend, Kate shared a photo of herself breastfeeding Rani Rose.


    "When you’re workin but babies gotta eat," she captioned the post. 

    We're assuming the star was on set of a photo shoot because she then thanked the photographer, Nino Muñoz, for capturing this sweet shot.

  • Many were thrilled that Kate decided to share this photo.

    Instagram comments

    It was not only inspiring to other breastfeeding moms but to working breastfeeding moms. As one commenter put it, "A mama's gotta do what a mama's gotta do!"

    Kate's photo definitely brings back memories of Rachel McAdams, who recently pumped on set of a Girls. Girls. Girls. shoot.

  • It's nice to see a celebrity normalizing breastfeeding.

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    Because -- spoiler alert -- it is normal, and women shouldn't be shamed while doing it.

  • Moms took this as an opportunity to share some horror stories to share about their own experiences.

    Instagram comments

    SIGH. The nerve of some people!

    We love her clapback, though!

  • A few pointed out that it would be great if more workplaces allowed moms to breastfeed on the job.

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    It's definitely a perk that comes with Kate's job, and that's not how it should be.

  • In other countries, breastfeeding isn't as big of a deal.

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    Likely because it's how many women have fed their babies for centuries. Centuries!

    We for sure need to get on this level.

  • A few folks had to comment on Kate's amount of exposure.

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    And shame some other moms in the process.

    Um, what happened to being more accepting in 2019? Not everyone prefers to cover up, which is fine. Let's just let people live their lives and feed their babies how they want!

  • There were also negative comments on why Kate felt the need to share this moment with Rani Rose.

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    We, however, prefer the response from one of Kate's fans. The more celebrities who show themselves breastfeeding or even pumping, the more normal it will seem to others. That's pretty much how the world works!

  • However, the best part of Kate sharing this photo? The suggestions she got for her clothing line.

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    A breastfeeding clothing line? We're into it, and it sounds like she already has a few customers!

  • Thanks for sharing, Kate!


    Perhaps more celebrity moms -- and noncelebrity moms -- will follow in her footsteps!

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