20 Times Amy Schumer Kept It Real When It Comes to Being Pregnant

20 Times Amy Schumer Kept It Real When It Comes to Being Pregnant
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We know that Instagram isn't real life, but sometimes, it helps to be reminded, OK? We enjoy seeing all of those outtakes that occur while attempting to get a family photo where every member is smiling. We welcome posts about tough days just as much as we do the good ones, simply because, hey, we've totally been there, too! And now, we know we don't have to feel alone. We also pretty much live for any time a celebrity decides to take us behind the scenes, or gets candid about their personal life. It isn't always red carpets and VIP treatment, people, and those moments help us realize that everyone's human -- even those who live their lives in the spotlight.
That's part of the reason why we really love Amy Schumer, who has been documenting every part of her pregnancy on social media -- the good, the bad, and the excessive puking included. She's opened up about having to take some time off, and how she's been diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum, which had her feeling ill since the beginning. While we definitely don't enjoy seeing or hearing about the rough time Amy's been having, we do want to applaud the star for honesty.

(Spoiler alert: Pregnancy isn't always a 100 percent joyful experience, and from the comments on Amy's posts alone, we know that other moms are most definitely relating.)

Since this funny lady has shared a whole lot over the past few months, and will be welcoming her bundle of joy sometime soon, we're applauding her for keeping it all the way real. Here are 20 times Amy's posts were so very, very real. We can only hope that more celebrities and influencers follow suit!
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