Jessica Simpson's Latest Pregnancy Photo Has Fans Very Concerned

Jessica Simpson

It's not uncommon for expectant celeb moms to share glimpses of their pregnancy journey. And boy is this one a doozy (and kinda scary). Jessica Simpson's latest photo asks for pregnancy advice and has fans very concerned about her health. A number of people think she's showing signs of a pregnancy complication that could prove to be quite dangerous if left unchecked.

  • Jessica took to Instagram to share a photo of her very swollen foot.

    "Any remedies?! Help!!!!" Jessica Simpson wrote in her Instagram post.

    Back in September, Jessica revealed she's expecting baby number three with her hubby, Eric Johnson. The bun on the way (a baby girl!) will join their two children, daughter Maxwell Drew, 6, and son Ace Knute, 5.
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  • Needless to say, folks are *very* concerned.

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  • And want her to go to her doctor ASAP.

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    That's definitely not bad advice.

  • Others feel Jess's swollen feet are a sign of preeclampsia that's pretty scary.

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    Preeclampsia is noted as a pregnancy complication that, if left untreated, can cause serious issues for an expectant mom and her baby. Common warning signs for preeclampsia are sudden dramatic weight gain, swollen feet, legs, and hands, and high blood pressure.

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  • And has people a bit worried.

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  • Whatever is going on, we hope Jessica is OK.

    We'd like to think she's been in touch with her doctor as this definitely deserves medical attention.

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