Deena Cortese Gives a Look at Life as a First-Time Parent & It's Too Relatable

Deena Cortese with husband and their son

It's been nearly a week since Deena Cortese gave birth to her first child, and this Jersey Shore star is already in the thick of parenting. She's already endured mommy-shaming for her son's outfit leaving the hospital and has no problem sticking up for herself. (Go ahead, mama.) And now, Deena Cortese's look at being a first-time parent is too real and has moms responding in droves.
  • Deena has been sharing on Instagram how life is as a new parent at home.

    "Uhg I just can't ... still getting into the swing of things ... being first time parents isn't easy but it's so friggen worth it," the new mom shares in her Instagram post. "We're so obsessed with this little man! And today I realized he has my feet ... he has little 'sandal toes' like mommy."

    Deena and her husband, Christopher Buckner, welcomed their son, Christopher John (CJ) Buckner, on January 5.

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  • And it's resonating with moms who've been there.

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  • People are showering Deena with love and well-wishes.

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    The struggle is definitely real.

  • And strongly recommend she sleeps when the baby sleeps.

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  • ... which is often easier said than done.

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  • Keep on truckin', mama.

    You got this.

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