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  • She was likely responding to comments from people who were concerned CJ's coat was too thick for the car seat.

    Instagram comments

    Some moms thought that it would prevent the baby from being properly secured in his car seat and advised Deena to speak with a specialist.

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  • Others, however, thought the coat looked fine.

    It should be noted that none of these commenters were there to know what actually went down once they got in the car.

  • A few also pointed out that maybe it was straps that Deena needed to be concerned with.

    Instagram comments

    There's always something!

  • Thankfully, fans came to Deena's defense, saying that, one, it's cold where the reality star lives!

    Instagram comments

    She clearly wanted her little one to be warm, and didn't she say the hospital approved the outfit?

  • And two, there are better ways for people to share information.

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    Like, maybe waiting until she gets home first?

  • Also, Deena doesn't need to explain herself!

    Instagram comments

    Attention everyone: It's her baby! Not Instagram's baby!

  • What we should be focusing on is criticizing Deena less and paying attention to The Situation's hints about wanting a child of his own.

    Instagram comment

    Will there another Jersey Shore baby on the way?

    Maybe Mike and Lauren Pesce should wait until he's out of prison.

  • Do you, Deena!

    Enjoy your new baby boy!

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