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20 of Jackson Roloff's Cutest Moments With His Dog Murphy

Jackson Roloff and his dog Murphy

With Little People, Big World, we're always waiting to hear news of the newest additions to the Roloff family. Tori and Zach Roloff never shy away from sharing the intimate details of their life together, and this includes sharing when their little family unit gets even bigger. This time, Tori and Zach decided to add a puppy to the mix of their crazy family life. The Roloffs are now proud owners of the adorable Murphy, and from the looks of things, little Jackson Roloff has already taken to his new pup very well. From candid Instagram story videos to perfectly posed photo shoots, these two are already forming an unbreakable bond.

Seriously, they're pretty cute together.

Murphy has already gone on so many adventures with his new family, and he was even featured in their family Christmas photos. The Roloffs have brought little Murph pumpkin picking, to a Christmas tree farm, and to meet Jackson's friends. We're sure we'll get to see all the extra details about life with a dog in the house during this upcoming season of the show, but for now, we'll just live vicariously through their Instagram photos.

And we definitely don't mind doing that. (We can't believe we're admitting this out loud, but we're kinda jealous of this dog's life, LOL.) Jackson and Murphy are definitely going to grow up doing everything together, and we can't wait to watch it happen.

So, here are 20 irresistibly adorable pictures of Jackson Roloff and dog Murphy acting like two peas in a pod. If there was any doubt about these two being best friends, there shouldn't be after seeing these photos.



Nothing But Giggles

There's nothing like a pupper and a toddler to get a laugh out of everyone. These two are probably a handful for mom sometimes.


Good With Little Ones

People are often very worries about introducing a puppy into the family when they have kids, but Murphy and Jackson are getting along swimmingly.


The Whole Crew

Jackson and his baby pals -- including cousin Ember Roloff -- all got to meet and hang with Murphy. This is a rockstar squad if we've ever seen one.


Waiting for Santa

These two good boys were desperately waiting for Santa to come down that chimney.


Still Waiting ...

And, as they say, good things come to those that wait. These two buds were definitely patient this holiday season.


Pumpkin Pupper

Now aren't these two just the picture perfect image of fall fun?!

Too cute.


Keep Watching

Seriously, can we get invited on some of their fall family activities? We'd love to see Murphy and Jackson in action.


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