26 Celebrities Who Kept Their Babies a Secret & Surprised Us All

26 Celebrities Who Kept Their Babies a Secret & Surprised Us All
Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Rachel McAdams
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Social media has turned the world into a seriously strange place. If an event isn't shared on Instagram, or tweeted, or announced via Facebook, did it ever actually happen? These platforms are how we -- and many of the people we know -- tend to share all of our major milestones. Photos of engagement rings and wedding dresses flood our feeds. Job announcements typically come complete with an inspirational quote, or a paragraph about following our dreams and reaching our goals. And, of course, we can't forget all the pregnancy posts and baby bump photos we see on the daily. They're usually followed by pics of a tiny newborn, mere moments after birth.

Still, not everyone enjoys sharing details of their private life. For many celebrities, pregnancies and the birth of their children fall under the category of things they wish to keep on the down-low, and some may never choose never to officially share the news that they've welcomed a little one. These happy secrets aren't too difficult to understand: Between struggles with fertility, issues with paparazzi and the safety of others, and the fact that their little one never actually asked to be famous, there are a variety of great reasons why actresses, actors, musicians, and more opt out of shouting these details from the rooftops, or post a single photo of a growing belly.

More than once, we've been shocked to learn that a certain star became the proud parent of a little one; sometimes, their babies are already months old when the news finally circulates. From silently welcoming children via surrogate, to keeping mum about their pregnancy, we've compiled a list of stars who kept their babies secret.

Also, who knows? There may even be more big names who have kids we don't yet know about!