Jessica Simpson Reveals Her Son Finally Cut His Hair & the Pic Has People Sounding Off

Jessica Simpson

It looks like it's the end of an era. Jessica Simpson cut her son's hair, and it's safe to say the celeb mom is a bit heartbroken about it. Welp, the interwebs seem to feel some kind of way about the 5-year-old's new look -- specifically, that he looks much better (and like a boy) with the new cut.

  • Ace Knute's hair has always been the subject of discussion as many disliked him rocking a long mane.

    ... because boys can't do that (*eye roll*).

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  • Its seems the 5-year-old recently made the decision to cut his hair.

    "He really wanted short hair. It broke my heart a little, but we did it!! My little man #ACEKNUTE," Jessica Simpson shared in her Instagram post.

  • And folks can't help but sound off on how much "better" he looks with shorter hair.

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  • Critics really think Jess took look enough to get Ace's hair cut.

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  • And that he finally looks "like a real boy."

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    Talk about some nerve.

  • Thankfully, there are still kind people in the world who are standing up for this celeb mom and her decision to let her son choose.

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  • It's crazy to think little boys get this much crap for having "long hair," but that's the world we live in.

    Ace was adorable before he got his haircut, and is still a cutie pie.


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