48 Celebrities Expecting Babies in 2019

48 Celebrities Expecting Babies in 2019

Carrie Underwood

Is it just us, or did 2018 seem like a kinda-crazy year for celebrity news? On top of all the binge-worthy TV shows and must-watch movies that were released over the past 12 months, a ton of actors and actresses ended up in relationships that took us by complete surprise. Trust us, that was a good thing -- especially considering we needed a little something to balance out the devastating loss of some of Hollywood’s much-loved duos. (Those high-profile breakups were rough, guys!) Another big positive to come out of the year? All the celebrity babies that were born, including a tiny new royal (Prince Louis of Cambridge!) and a whole mini group of Kardashian-Jenners (we can’t wait to see the empire those ladies build).

Of course, 2019 promises to be just as eventful, and while we aren't looking forward to seeing who ends up calling it quits (please protect Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard at all costs), we are excited for the new bundles of joy that will be entering the world. For starters, we're getting yet another royal baby this spring, Amy Schumer is going to become one hilarious mama, and a handful of reality stars are also adding to their families. So far, we're up to 41 already-famous kids and counting -- which means it's getting pretty hard to keep track just from memory alone.

We decided to get organized, putting every celebrity (and celebrity significant other) baby bump in one neat place. We also made sure to include all the important details on our list: When these little ones are expected to be born, the results of their gender reveals, and, of course, a sweet photo that each couple (or, in some cases, single parent) has shared.

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