21 Times Channing Tatum Proved to Be the Cutest Dad Ever

Bethany Quinn | Dec 28, 2018 Celebrity Moms
21 Times Channing Tatum Proved to Be the Cutest Dad Ever

Channing Tatum dressed up as Winnie the Pooh for Halloween

There's just something about a celeb dad that we simply cannot get enough of. When a star opens up about the joys of fatherhood, it makes our hearts melt. Now if that dad also happens to be one of the sexiest stars alive, well ... forget about it -- we're done! That's the case with Channing Tatum who can seriously do no wrong. From stealing our hearts in movies like Dear John, to making us sweat in Magic Mike, he's pretty much the total package. And if all that wasn't enough, he's also a fantastic dad to daughter Everly, 5, that he shares with his ex-wife, Jenna Dewan. Plus, fans have gotten to see Tatum's goofier side since becoming a dad five years ago and it has only made them love him more.

Channing and Jenna welcomed Everly in 2013. Since then, they've managed to keep pretty tight control over images of their daughter. They both make it a point of covering Everly's face when sharing pictures of their little girl on social media. But that doesn't mean we've lost out on seeing what a great dad Channing is.

In fact, it's just the opposite.

He's constantly dressing up in cute outfits and taking part in gross slime-making experiments for his now 5-year-old daughter. Who would have thought that Magic Mike himself would look equally as hot in a Winnie the Pooh costume as he does stripping on stage?! The celeb dad is also known for praising his daughter's individuality and fiery spirit publicly. (Way to go, dad!)

Although, sadly, they split earlier this year, Jenna and Channing have remained dedicated co-parents to their sweet girl. Here's a look at 21 times Channing Tatum has proved to be the best dad ever.

Try not to swoon.

  • Gushing Over His First Father's Day

    "First Father's Day with my girls!" Channing captioned the post. This was also the first photo of Everly that the world got to see.
  • Revealing Everly's Nighttime Playlist as a Baby


    In 2014, Channing revealed to Ellen that Everly, then 8 months, didn't fall asleep to just any old music. Apparently, this little one would only catch some Zzzs when Drake or Prince's "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" was played.

  • Dressing Up as Winnie the Pooh for Everly's School


    While he admitted to likely scaring the children at his daughter's Halloween carnival, we have to say, Channing makes one handsome Pooh Bear. We also have a feeling Everly was behind this costume choice.

  • Father-Daughter Halloween


    In 2015, Channing celebrated Halloween by donning a onesie with Everly. "Onesies pimp walk," he captioned this Instagram post.

    We'll say!

  • Rocking Everly's Artistic Creation With Pride


    Back in 2016, Channing was having the "best day ever" when he let Everly paint his face on his birthday.

  • Opening Up About the Beauty of Motherhood & Being a Dad


    Channing has never been one to hold back his feelings, and this touching post about Jenna (and fatherhood proves just that).

    "Watching her in those first days transform into a mother was life changing. She was every bit the beautiful, sexy, funny, flawed creature I fell in love with," he wrote on Instagram.

    "But the prism turned and showed a whole new light that I had no idea existed, the light of a mothers love. Thank you for that baby. Saw this quote today -- 'The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother. Theodore Hesburgh' ... [T]here are a lot of important things in being a father. Who knows what the most important thing is? All I know is that in my case this is pretty high on my list. Love you cake!"

  • Gushing Over Everly's Artwork

    What a proud papa! Channing shared a photo of a dream catcher made by Everly and said that it was "what actual dreams are made of."

    So sweet!
  • Admittig to Dance-Offs With Everly


    Of course Everly, whose parents are amazing dancers, would have some sweet moves of her own. Channing told E! News that he and his daughter have dance-offs daily. "She's always had dance moves," he said. "She does her own dance moves. I don't know where she gets them, but she's been doing them since the day she came out ... We have dance-offs almost every day at some point." 
  • Proving He's the 'G.O.A.T.' With Gifts


    While this post was a dedication to Everly's goat, Heather, who sadly passed away, we couldn't help but think how cool it was for her to have a goat for a pet.

    Pet goat = GOAT dad!

  • Tricking Everly Into Thinking He Ate All of Her Halloween Candy


    So this is probably something parents shouldn't do (poor Evie), but at least it came with a heartfelt apology at the end.

    "I'm so sorry, baby, I hope one day you forgive me for that."

    We forgive ya, Channing.

  • Fessing Up to a Parenting Fail That Made Us Swoon


    My how lucky Everly was to visit the set of Magic Mike XXL. Chan might consider it a parenting fail in his book, but we'd like to think of it as a fantasy -- we mean, no big deal.

  • Flexing His Dad Joke Game


    "I know I've got a blockhead ... I never knew I'd have an actual blockhead for a child lol," he captioned this post of Everly with Jenna.

    Channing's dad joke's are straight fire!

  • Dressing Up as Elsa From 'Frozen'


    While Channing is no stranger to dressing up -- be it for a movie or for his daughter -- his rendition of "Let It Go" on Lip Sync Battle, in full Elsa costume, took the cake. There was snow, twirling, and, of course, some serious lip syncing.

    We're sure Everly was very proud!

  • Gushing Over Everly Being 'Cool AF'


    Channing was one proud dad, sharing this photo of Everly in September. "So my daughter giving the lone ... sing [sic] at her school assembly today just confirmed what i already knew," he wrote on Instagram. "She cool AF!! And that i will never even come close to how f-ing cool she is."

  • Trick-or-Treating With Jenna (and Everly) Amid Their Divorce News


    Talk about co-parenting done right!

    No matter news of their divorce, Channing and Jenna were a united front during this year's Halloween, trick-or-treating as a family with their daughter.

  • Praising His Daughter's Individuality


    Channing once spoke to Entertainment Tonight about Everly's uniqueness in dance class saying, "she's on the ground, rolling around. Every kid is up doing the proper stuff, but she’s just doing her own thing."

    "I wish I could take credit for that, but I can"t, really," he continued. "That's really all her. I think kids come out a little bit of what they're going to be, and then you foster that to be whatever you hope her to be in the world. She always just does her own thing."

  • Lending His Voice to Some Awesome Animated Films


    Channing voiced Migo, the main character in the 2018 animated film Smallfoot, and Joaquin in 2014's The Book of Life. While he may not be known for his family-friendly roles, he made these two films after becoming a dad -- so it's safe to say he had a certain someone in mind when making them.

  • Taking Everly's Entire Class to the Movies


    While promoting his movie Smallfoot, Channing confessed that he took Everly's entire kindergarten class to see the film, scoring him some major dad points.

  • Proving He's a Crafty Guy

    In November, Channing and Everly got messy while making some glitter slime. He shared the whole thing on his Instagram stories, which was too cute for words.
  • Rocking a Tiara Like a Boss


    If being hands-on with crafts wasn't enough, Channing often shares his fun adventures with Everly that sometimes includes tiaras and paint.

  • Showing Us His Awesome Playdate Sessions


    Aside from Channing trying to keep up with a toy, we love hearing Everly pounding away at the keys in the background.

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