JWoww Shares Another Update About Her Son After His Autism Diagnosis & It's Hard Not to Cry

JWoww with son Greyson

If there's one thing this reality star mom is, it's completely and utterly transparent when it comes to her life and her family's journey. JWoww shared another update about her son, Greyson, since his autism diagnosis. Her post has fans of the Jersey Shore star celebrating his latest accomplishment in the most feels-worthy way.

  • JWoww's video of her 2-year-old son counting apples with his older sister is truly everything.

    "Counting [apples]," JWoww shared in her Instagram video of Greyson showing off his counting skills next to his 4-year-old sister, Meilani.

    This update comes weeks after JWoww revealed doctors diagnosed Greyson with autism. "He's made leaps and bounds when it comes to speech," she revealed to HollywoodLife.com about her son's progress since his diagnosis. "He's understanding words better which was his issue. Not that he couldn’t speak, but he would never know what his shoe is or if you said, 'Greyson,' he actually didn’t even know his name at one point until he was a little over 2. So now that he’s understanding simple words, he's come so far."
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  • Since sharing her video update, fans of JWoww -- including her Jersey Shore family -- have showered her with nothing but love and well-wishes.

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    The Jersey Shore cast is really family.

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  • And for those who feel doctors were "so quick" to diagnose Greyson given his progress, JWoww had no problem pulling back the veil.

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  • It's so wonderful to see Greyson's progress.

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    Even parents who've been on similar journeys couldn't help but chime in.

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  • We truly wish him nothing but the best.

    Keep on shining, little one.

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