50 Celebrity Babies Born in 2018

50 Celebrity Babies Born in 2018

Kylie Jenner and Stormi

These days, celebrity kids seem to be just as famous as their parents -- and it doesn’t matter whether they’re in the family business or not. For every Kaia Gerber out there ruling the runways like her famous mom, Cindy Crawford -- or the Kate Hudsons and Colin Hanks of the world -- who clearly share their parent's acting skills, there are also a handful of offspring who people happen to be obsessed with ... just because. For example, we genuinely love stars like Beyoncé, or even Jersey Shore’s JWoww and Snooki, who share sweet snaps of their growing family. As fans, we feel connected to them, and can’t help but feel a bit curious about their lives.

This year, that group of famous little faces -- some of whom have even had their own Instagram accounts since day one -- rapidly expanded. We welcomed so many (so many!) teeny, tiny celebrity babies into the world over the past few months, but as 2018 was seemingly extra long, it’s easy to forget who exactly became new parents or welcomed yet another bundle of joy. For instance, it kind of seems like Stormi Webster, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s daughter, has been around for years, but in reality, she was only born last February!

That's part of the reason why we're going back in time, and refreshing out memory by listing out every major actress, actor, singer, and more who had babies this year -- while including the baby's name and and the date when they arrived. While we decided to cap things out at 50, unsurprisingly, there are even more newborns to talk about once we get into into the realm of reality shows. And, it's always possible an A-list celebrity quietly gave birth without sharing the happy news (it's happened before). 

Ahead are 50 celebrity babies born in 2018. We can't wait to see all the ones who arrive next year!