Kate Gosselin Comes Under Fire for Not Attending Collin's Custody Hearing

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Kate Gosselin
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By now, people have likely heard that Jon Gosselin won sole custody of Collin. It's a pretty big deal considering the 14-year-old has been away at a treatment center for his undisclosed "special needs" for years now and has seemingly expressed wanting to come home. As Jon celebrates his Tuesday victory, fans of the once reality star family are side-eyeing Kate Gosselin for not showing up to her son's custody hearing. And when we say folks are angry, believe us.

  • Jon and Kate were supposed to face off in court over Collin after the dad of eight filed papers back in October seeking "full legal" custody.

    Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin
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    Jon, who filed paperwork to get sole custody of Collin on October 24, has been sharing loving photos with his son. Collin was home (at Jon's house with Hannah) earlier last month, spending Thanksgiving with his family and Jon's girlfriend, Colleen Conrad.

    In addition to Collin and Hannah Gosselin -- who Jon also has custody of -- Jon and Kate have six other children together: Cara and Mady, 18; and Aaden; Alexis; Leah; and Joel, 14.
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  • But Kate and her lawyer were no-shows at Tuesday's custody hearing, and people are VERY upset.

    Kate Gosselin
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    Us Weekly reports "Kate had asked a day earlier for the hearing to be postponed, but her request was not granted."

  • Although the celeb mom has been silent since the ruling, that's not stopping critics for coming for her on Instagram.

    People have been leaving comments for Kate on her Instagram post from November 25.

  • Folks are in disbelief that Kate would skip her son's hearing.

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  • And boy are people letting her have it.

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  • Instagram comments
  • Instagram comments
  • Who knows the reason why Kate didn't show to Collin's custody hearing?

    Seeing as he's been spending more time with his dad, we hope Collin Gosselin is able to come home sooner than later.