Chrissy Teigen Reveals Her 6-Month-Old Son Needs a Cranial Helmet & the Response Is Heartwarming

Jackson Lee

Chrissy Teigen
Jackson Lee

Chrissy Teigen tends to be an open book, especially when it comes to her Twitter feed. The star often gets brutally honest in her tweets, whether she's trolling her husband, John Legend, or commenting on trending topics. And more often than not, what she has to say leaves us chuckling. On Monday night, however, Chrissy got serious and shared a small health update about her baby son, Miles.

  • Chrissy revealed that Miles will need to wear a helmet to reshape his head.

     She assured fans that he was fine, he's "just fixing his flat."

    People notes flat head syndrome is a condition called plagiocephaly that occurs "when one of the soft skull plates on a baby’s head flattens."

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  • Of course, she then followed up with a joke about her own head.

    She wouldn't be the Chrissy that we love if she didn't!

  • A little while later, Chrissy shared a photo of Miles with his new helmet on.

    She's right -- he does look cuter!

  • The photo prompted other parents to share their own kids wearing helmets.

    Basically, it's now the best thread on the Internet.

  • There were even ideas on how Chrissy could decorate Miles's helmet.

    From superheroes to sports teams, parents used their babies' helmets as opportunities to get creative.

  • Chrissy was praised for starting this conversation.

    See? Social media can be good for some things!

  • The tweet actually informed people who had never seen a cranial helmet before.


  • As it turns out, a lot of babies have had to wear helmets to reshape their heads.

    The results are so good, no one would ever know.

  • Someone even compared the helmets to orthodontic work.

    Head braces!

  • Unfortunately, Chrissy did get a few negative comments, but she had a comeback ready for the trolls.

    "Not promoting anything," she added. "Just sharing our story!"

    Yeesh. Can't people give her a break?

  • We're sending Chrissy and Miles our well wishes.

    And for the time being, enjoying these adorable photos.

    Keep 'em coming, Chrissy!

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