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  • "That happened from sex, just FYI," the dad of two joked to Ellen.

    "So you've only had sex the twice?" Ellen responds during the interview.

    "Just the two times, yeah," Ryan Reynolds added. "It's a mercenary job, it's just clinical."

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  • Ryan later perked up ears after stating he and Blake are "hoping for a third soon."

    Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively with their kids
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  • But *not* the way we're thinking.


  • "No," Ryan says in response to fans of the show clapping at the thought of a third child soon.

    Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
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    "They say you need to do 10,000 hours of anything you want to be an expert at," he adds.

    Still, Ryan adores fatherhood. "I love it. It's really kind of made me a better person ..." the celebrity dad tells Ellen. "It's hard. It's always a challenge, two kids. I think of blinking right now as tiny little breaks all day, but it’s the dream. It's the best, they're my buddies. I love it."

  • Blake and Ryan, who both come from pretty big families, have spoken about having a big clan of their own.

    "I'm one of five kids. My husband's one of four. So we're officially breeders," Blake Lively once confessed when asked about having more kids. "Definitely going to have more sex, but we'll see what happens after that."

    It seems the two have their eyes set on expanding their family in the future. "They are planning on having more kids, but they may have to wait another year due to busy work schedules," a source once revealed.

  • Guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.

    These two make cute babies.

  • You can check out Ryan's interview on "Ellen" here:

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