David Beckham Is Kissing His 7-Year-Old Daughter on the Lips in a New Pic & the Internet Can't Deal

David Beckham
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Another day, another outraged person -- or group of people, in this case. One would think this world needs more love. But apparently, if you're a dad, certain types of affection are problematic. David Beckham is kissing his daughter on the lips in a new pic, and critics can't seem to handle it ... at all. Seriously, folks are losing their minds that has people coming out in droves to support the celeb dad.

  • David and his 7-year-old daughter, Harper, are excited for the upcoming holidays.

    "Christmas is coming. Let's go skate," he wrote in an Instagram post.

    In addition to Harper, David and Victoria Beckham have three sons: Brooklyn, 19, Romeo, 16, and Cruz, 13.
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  • And it's safe to say the pic of the former soccer star kissing his little girl on the lips didn't sit too well with people.

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  • Critics seriously think it's wrong.

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  • And find it "disgusting" -- going as far to question if David is "dating" his daughter.

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    Yes ... really.

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  • Talk about ridiculous shaming.

    (All shaming is quite ridiculous, but you get what we mean.)
  • Thankfully, there are still people walking this Earth who don't see David's photo being such a big deal.

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  • And think those truly bothered need to get over it -- and possibly seek a bit of help.

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  • David isn't the only Beckham who's caught heat for kissing Harper on the lips.

    Back in 2016, Victoria Beckham sparked outrage after sharing this photo.

  • But maybe, just maybe, we can give parents a break with this.

    Not all kids (or parents, for that matter) are cool with kisses on the lips. But for those who are, let them be.

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