Amy Schumer's Latest Pregnancy Video Is Definitely Not for the Faint of Heart

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It looks like Amy Schumer isn't having the easiest pregnancy. The 37-year-old comedian, who is expecting her first child with husband Chris Fischer, has been pretty open about her struggles with morning (and noon and night) sickness, letting fans know the real reason she's had to cancel and postpone shows. She already shared a photo of herself in front of the toilet, and now, she's pulling back the veil in a pretty real way. Amy Schumer's video of herself puking in the car is definitely not for the squeamish, but is very relatable.

  • Amy suffers from hyperemesis, which not only has her puking often but also recently landed her in the hospital.

    Though Amy Schumer was hospitalized, she was fine -- but revealed that she's been even more ill in her second trimester, writing "everyone who says the 2nd trimester is better is not telling the full story."

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  • It seems like Amy is committed to being completely honest about her pregnancy as she recently posted a video of herself puking into a cup in the car.

    Oh no! We definitely feel for Amy.

    Surprisingly, this footage -- which is being filmed for an upcoming comedy special -- was captured on the way to a performance. Amy was still able to do stand-up afterward and shared a photo from her set.


  • People couldn't help but show support and sympathy for Amy.

    Instagram comments

    Some advised her to take care of herself -- comedy can wait!

  • Even other celebrities sent their love.

    Amy Schumer throwing up comments

    We love Chelsea Handler's comment, but also, Paris Hilton?!

  • There are so many moms who can definitely relate to Amy's experience.

    Instagram comments

    They shared their stories of how sick they were when they were pregnant.

    Pregnancy isn't always glamorous, y'all.

  • We're impressed, to say the least.

  • Fans seemed to be impressed that Amy was able to get through her stand-up set.

    Amy Schumer throwing up comments

    This woman deserves a standing ovation, people!

  • Of course, there are some Kate Middleton comparisons.

    Amy Schumer throwing up comments

    Kate Middleton also suffered from hyperemesis, but the difference here is that she's a royal -- and was likely treated as such.

  • Thankfully, there don't look to be too many people grossed out by the video.

  • ... but, there were a few.

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    Hey, it's life!

  • Does all this throwing up mean she's having a boy?

    Amy Schumer throwing up comments

    Some seem to think so!

  • We're sending our well wishes to Amy.

    We hope she feels better! Just think about the beautiful baby you'll have at the end!

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