21 of the Cutest Celebrity Family Appearances That Made Our Hearts Melt

21 of the Cutest Celebrity Family Appearances That Made Our Hearts Melt
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In case no one told ya, celebrity families ... they're just like any other normal family (for the most part). They have dinner times. They go out to eat together. They have nap time. They attend red carpet events. The usual. (OK, so maybe red carpet events aren't usual outings for the average family.) While celebrity moms and dads might not live the exact same lifestyle as the rest of us, they still like to be able to go out in public with their sons and daughters. (Just because they are famous, doesn't mean they should have to hide away in their homes.) And because celebrity family sightings are pretty rare, we have to remember to cherish them when they do pop up.

It seems more and more celebs are starting to settle down and have kids -- and we have to say, we're not complaining. It's so nice to see hints of normalcy in the lives of our favorite celebrities.

Because there's nothing like a bunch of kids to keep people humble, right?

Whether it's on the red carpet, or just out doing errands, we love to see these celeb families keeping it real with their kids. Even though some of their family outings might be a little bit more exclusive than anything we could ever get into, quality time is quality time -- it doesn't matter where it takes place!  So, it's time we applaud these busy celebs for finding the room in their schedules to make time for the family. We know it must be hard to do! Here are 21 of the cutest celebrity family appearances that are sure to make anyone's heart melt. The only thing we love more than celebrities are their kids. 


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