'Originals' Star Claire Holt Shares Her Gender Reveal Video & the Ending Is Priceless

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Claire Holt
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Life is always full of little surprises! Originals star Claire Holt's gender reveal video is truly a treat as the expectant mom is completely caught off guard and will likely need to make a few returns to the store (LOL).

  • Back in October, the Australian actress announced that she and her husband, Andrew Joblon, are having a baby.

    It was especially exciting news for Claire Holt, who had suffered a miscarriage a few months prior. "Our loss earlier this year was the darkest moment of my life," she wrote in her announcement post. "Yet, it made me infinitely more thankful for the precious baby growing inside me today."

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  • Fast-forward to her gender reveal -- and those priceless reactions when the couple saw all of that blue confetti.

    "Gender Reveal PSA: If you are absolutely, positively certain you’re having a girl, perhaps don’t buy a lot of pink things and choose a name before you confirm ...." she jokingly wrote under the video.

  • Actress Sara Foster's comment sums up our thoughts: We can't stop watching.

    Instagram comment

    Just the way that they look at each other like, "what the ...?!" It's too funny!

  • Many fans agree that the reaction is just too good.

    Instagram comments

    So much for all that planning!

  • And some pointed out that boys can wear pink, too!

    It's 2018! The rules are there are no rules! And Claire agrees.

  • As for a name? The couple is waiting to meet their little one before settling on one.

    Cute! (And probably wise, after this big surprise.)

  • Boy or girl, either way, we're so happy for Claire and Andrew.

    Congrats again, you two!

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