Carrie Underwood's Unexpected 'Gender Reveal' Leaves People With Lots of Questions

Jamie Gilliam/REUTERS

Carrie Underwood
Jamie Gilliam/REUTERS

Looks like we can close one unsolved mystery. Carrie Underwood's "gender reveal" at the 2018 CMA Awards on Wednesday night was very unexpected and quite interesting. Although a number of people are celebrating the happy news, others aren't sold as the expectant mom's response leaves lots of questions.

  • Carrie, who's expecting her second child with her NHL hubby, Mike Fisher, gave us a few moments during the CMAs.

    Pregnant Carrie Underwood with husband Mike Fisher
    Jamie Gilliam/REUTERS

    The happy mom revealed she's expecting baby number two back in August and has seemingly remained tight-lipped about whether she's having a girl or a boy. Baby Underwood-Fisher will join the couple's 3-year-old son, Isaiah.

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  • Pregnant Carrie Underwood
    Harrison Mcclary/REUTERS

    A true vision in blue. Carrie's maternity style gives us so much inspo.

  • But all eyes (and ears) were on Carrie and cohost Brad Paisley who, once again, helped "confirm" her second baby's gender.

    2018 CMA Awards hosts Brad Paisley and pregnant Carrie Underwood
    Harrison Mcclary/REUTERS

    "Hey, remember last time when I accidentally revealed the gender of your baby?" the country star joked to Carrie, with her responding, "I mean, who could ever forget #BradBlewIt?" People reports about the impromptu gender reveal.

  • "Seriously Carrie, give me a little baby hint? Johnny or June? Keith or Nicole," he prodded.

    2018 CMA Awards co-hosts pregnant Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley
    Harrison McClary/REUTERS

    "Garth or Trisha. Tim or Faith. George or Tammy. Waylon or Willie?" Brad Paisley continued to Carrie.

    "Oh my gosh -- Willie, it's a Willie ok!?" Carrie Underwood finally responded about her second child on the way.
  • It looks like another baby boy is on the way.

    ... assuming Carrie's response is how it sounds.

    People notes the celeb mom's rep "confirms the happy news" -- so maybe it's true (Kanye shrug).

  • But people aren't sold.

  • A number of folks feel Carrie is trying to pull a fast one as they suspect a baby girl is on the way.

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    Judging by these comments, people strongly feel Carrie and Mike are expecting a girl.

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  • Technically, "Willie" can be a name for a boy *or* a girl.

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    Has Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher naming their daughter Wyatt not taught us anything?

  • So Carrie could've been joking.

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  • Or maybe she wasn't.

    Guess time will have to tell.

    (BTW, congrats, Carrie, on taking home the Female Vocalist of the Year award!)

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