20 Mom Tips Chrissy Teigen Taught Us That Are Total Gems

Kayla Gleeson | Nov 20, 2018 Celebrity Moms
20 Mom Tips Chrissy Teigen Taught Us That Are Total Gems

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There's no secrets with Chrissy Teigen: She'll tell anyone (and everyone) exactly how she feels and will do it with a comedic finesse that makes her irresistible to listen to. Her show-stopping career as a model and author has taken people by storm, and now, her career as a mother has her fans more captivated than ever before.

Back in 2013, she married John Legend, and in 2016, they welcomed their first baby together, Luna Simone Stephens. To boot, it was just this year that the couple had their first son -- the bouncing baby Miles Theodore Stephens -- that's kept all eyes on this celeb mom.

Since the birth of their two children, Chrissy has faced the absolute best parts of motherhood -- and the absolute worst. Being famous can be a total drag when people are dissecting every move a new mother makes. It was difficult enough for Teigen to struggle with infertility and postpartum depression, let alone having to deal with mommy-shamers before and after the birth of both her children -- but she's always dealt with backlash in the most Chrissy way possible. (Get bent, haters!)

Since then, Chrissy Teigen has become a staple for moms (and expectant moms) everywhere. From her advice on placenta eating, to embracing her mom bod, there's not much the mother of two hasn't been open about. With the help of her mother and husband, Chrissy is able to balance her career, travels, and personal life with her newfound motherhood -- and we compiled some of her top tips that any mother could use.

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