People's 10 'Most Sexiest' Dads of 2018 & the 10 We Think Deserve a Shout-Out

People's 10 'Most Sexiest' Dads of 2018 & the 10 We Think Deserve a Shout-Out

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

It's that special time of year when People starts rolling out its "Sexiest Man Alive" campaign, and what better way to celebrate than to choose not only a super good-looking celeb, but to also choose one who is a dad. This year, the magazine chose the incomparable Idris Elba as its sexiest man of the year, and to accompany its choice, it also released its list of the top 10 sexiest fathers

We, however, think 10 just isn't enough.

(Just think about all of the sexy celebrity dads out there. It's nearly impossible to narrow them down to just 10, right?)

The list that People compiled is most definitely an A-list group of men, but we think it's time that we spread the love to 10 other celeb dads who didn't make the cut.

Some celebrity papas tend to fly more under the radar than most, but that doesn't mean they don't still deserve some recognition. Being a busy celeb means that it can be difficult to balance fame, work, family life, and well of course, being sexy. But somehow, these men manage to strike a happy rhythm -- and for that, we applaud them. It's certainly not easy, but some of these dads make it look like a piece of cake. They also make being sexy look easy, but well, that's just the Hollywood magic at work.

So, without further ado, here we have the 10 hot celebrity dads that People honored on its list, and the 10 we that we think deserve a shout-out also.


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