Megan Fox's 'Controversial' Pic of Her 3 Kids Has People Coming to Her Defense

Megan Fox

Oh boy ... here comes another "controversy." Celeb moms have been known to stir things up -- for breathing, sharing a photo of their kid or not sharing a photo of their kid -- and this famous mama seems to stay at the top of the list. Megan Fox shared a rare look at her kids, and of course, it's catching heat.

  • Megan recently took to the 'Gram to share a family snap with her three sons: Noah, 6, Bodhi, 4, and Journey, 2.

    We don't always get to see an image of all three of Megan and Brian Austin Green's sons -- so when we do, we'll happily gush over it. (They're some cute kiddos.)

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  • She disabled comments on the photo -- likely because she knew it would get nasty comments. And sadly, it's true.

    Here we go.

  • Critics are feel Megan obviously wants daughters as she allows her boys to rock long hair and, in this instance, wear a cheerleader costume.

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    The comments are really going there.

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  • Others, however, don't see an issue with boys having a long mane and are coming to Megan's defense in droves.

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    Yay for nice comments.

  • They fully support Megan encouraging her children to dress up however they want -- even if it means wearing a "girly" costume.

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    Megan has been accused in the past of trying to promote the "gay agenda" for letting one of her sons wear an Elsa dress.

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  • And think people need to mind their own business.

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