20 Single Celebrity Fathers Who Are Proud to Be Dads

20 Single Celebrity Fathers Who Are Proud to Be Dads

Chris Pratt with his son Jack

If 2018 has taught us anything, it's that not every relationship is built to last -- especially when they involve two very famous people. We've seen so many devastating splits this year alone that we're silently crossing our fingers and sending out some good vibes to our favorite Hollywood couples. Seriously, we can't take anymore heartbreak. (We're still not over the fact that Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum are officially done -- and, please, don't even get us started on Jersey Shore's JWoww filing for divorce from Roger.) Everyone just needs to hold on for a little bit longer and at least wait until 2019 before making and/or announcing any rash decisions, mmk?
Still, we have to admit that not all splits are terrible. Obviously, we want everyone to be happy. Some stars (much like us regular people) do learn to work things out and are able to remain friendly toward one another, especially when there are children involved. It makes for some super heartwarming Instagram posts, and, at the same time, makes us want to cheer on and express our love for all those single parents. They're putting their little ones first, and in that end, that's all that really matters.

Because we've praised a few of the single mamas in the past, we've decided to turn our attention to the celeb dads out there who are doing (and killing) the solo thing. There are plenty of them in Hollywood (like we said before, breakups are very "in" right now), and those dads can't help but brag about their kids, take them to events, write mushy Instagram captions -- essentially going the whole nine yards. So we're listing 20 dads who are very, very proud single dads.

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