25 Celebrity Photos That Sum Up Bath Time for Parents

25 Celebrity Photos That Sum Up Bath Time for Parents

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend kids bath time

We're currently living in the middle of the digital age, which means that almost every cute, adorable thing that happens in our lives -- from monthly baby bump updates, to first day of school shots -- ends up making it onto social media. The good news is we're not the only ones who are slightly addicted. Celebrities, too, have fallen victim to sharing some of the most intimate details of their lives with the rest of the world (or millions and millions of followers). And more often than not, photos of their kids end up making headlines. Thus far, we've seen about a billion "parent posts" though the years, proving that even if an actor or actress is making Oscar-winning films, said star still has to deal with tantrums and bedtime routines, too.

Celebrities even "dare" to post pictures of their kids during bath time. Sometimes, we'll be scrolling through our feed and spot a sweet, smiling newborn sitting in the sink. Other times, we'll see multiple children in the the tub at once, surrounded by bubbles and toys, or wearing hooded towels with a pair of ears on them. Photos like these are often met with a good amount of backlash and criticism (the argument is whether or not celebs should be posting half-naked photos of their little ones -- especially considering that they don't know where, exactly, they will end up), but we usually lean toward the motto, "it's their kid, let them do what they want."

At the very least, seeing these shots of small babies chewing on washcloths or splashing around makes that aforementioned celebrity seem more "real" and relatable, as we've been there, done that with our own kids millions of times.

So, we've decided to round up 25 stars who have summed up our own bath time experiences with their adorable shots.

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