22 Celebrity Parents Who Homeschool Their Kids

22 Celebrity Parents Who Homeschool Their Kids
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One of the best parts about the school season is hopping on social media to find friends, family members and, fine, celebrity parents sharing adorable pics of their kids -- posing with their backpacks, and holding up DIY back-to-school signs on their first days of school. But what we don't see quite as often in the media (or in life in general) are kids who are homeschooled. It's a surprisingly popular choice among Americans in general, but particularly among the Hollywood elite. Many famous parents, both A-listers and reality stars, have opted to homeschool their children rather than give them more traditional educations in public or private schools.


Because homeschooling has some surprising advantages -- whether it's to give kids more one-on-one learning, teach them alternative subjects not taught in traditional institutions, or help them work their educations into their own (or their parents') busy schedules.

And contrary to popular belief, homeschooling doesn't always mean the parents are the ones teaching their kids. In more cases than not -- and especially when the parents are celebrities who can more than afford it -- certified teachers or tutors are hired to teach the students the same subjects they'd be learning with a more traditional education.

Here's a list of celebrities who homeschool their kids. Their reasons for choosing homeschooling are as varied as the famous folk on the list!

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