20 Adorable Times Snooki's Kids Proved to Be Her Mini-Mes

20 Adorable Times Snooki's Kids Proved to Be Her Mini-Mes

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Back when Jersey Shore first began, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi was the opposite of tame. She was known for her hilarious drunken antics, which came complete with quotes that people still recite today -- and was pretty much the average early-20-something having a really, really good time at the beach. Then, all of a sudden, it changed: Snooki met her now-husband Jionni, got pregnant with her first baby, Lorenzo, and slowly but surely left her hard-partying ways behind. She morphed into a mature (but still 100 percent fun) mom, and now when we look at her Instagram, it’s impossible not to come across dozens of photos of her son and daughter, Giovanna.

After years of keeping up with Snooki's mom life, we've noticed a little something: These little ones don't just look like smaller versions of the star, complete with their dark hair and big brown eyes. They pretty much behave like her, too -- minus the drinks and trips to the club. Lorenzo and Giovanna both know how to find their angles in front of a camera, have no problem busting out some fist-pumping moves and being the center of attention, and have similar senses of style (probably because Nicole is dressing them). In short, these two are their mom's mini-mes, and we can't tell you all the times we've done a double-take and thought, "Wow, her genes must be really strong!"

We found a mix of 20 photos and videos from Snooki's 'Gram where the resemblance between her and her little ones is uncanny. Seriously, it's like the woman cloned herself, twice! It makes us all the more excited for the news that the star and Jionni are trying for baby number three. Will her next kid be a mini-me, too? Or will the LO take after dad this time?

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