Amy Schumer Is 'Competing' With Meghan Markle's Pregnancy & People Aren't Here For It

Amy Schumer, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle
amyschumer/Instagram; Splash News

Meghan Markle isn't the only famous lady expecting a little one: Amy Schumer recently (and very creatively) announced that she, too, is getting ready to welcome her first child with husband Chris Fischer. The comedian, who is 37, just like Meghan, has found humor in the fact that she and the Duchess of Sussex are pregnant at the same time and has already started "trolling" the royal on Instagram.

  • Amy originally teased her "exciting news" with a funny photo of her head Photoshopped onto Meghan's body, while Chris replaced Prince Harry.

    It got people's attention and was clearly meant to be funny -- hinting that a pregnancy announcement was on the way. The happy news was confirmed after Amy directed everyone to Jessica Yellin's Instagram Stories where the words "I'm pregnant -- Amy Schumer" appeared at the end of a long list of voting recommendations.

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  •  Amy's comparisons didn't stop there. The mom-to-be later posted a photo to Instagram Stories that showed her sitting in front of a toilet.

    "Today Markle is in Figi #same" the celeb mom-to-be wrote, hinting that she's suffering from morning sickness -- aka, the opposite of making appearances in pretty dresses. In a statement to The Times, Amy Schumer also said she was looking forward to "competing with Markle every step of the way," and so far, she's staying true to her word.

  • It's clear Amy is just having a bit of fun, because the royals always make pregnancy look flawless.

  • ... But some people thought she was being serious.

    Faceboom comments

    If you can't tell by the comments, a number of people don't seem to like Amy "comparing" pregnancies -- or "competing" with Meghan.

    (Do people not realize she's a comedian?)

  • And aren't fans of Amy's antics -- joke or not.

    Facebook comments

    They felt since these comments and photos were coming from her, they weren't funny. 

    Err, kinda harsh, no?

  • Perhaps the most horrific were all the reactions regarding Amy's appearance.

    Facebook comments

    Can't Amy just enjoy this time in her life and make a few funny comments without being ridiculed?

  • Why? Just ... *why*?

    The backlash and hate left us very confused. Is it not clear that she was making a joke?

  • Some, however, found humor in the fact that Amy's words were being misinterpreted.

    Facebook comments

    Our favorite remark: "Did y'all forget Amy is a comedian or nah?"

    Perhaps a few people did!

  • Even if Amy's humor isn't everyone's cup of tea, it's important to remember that stuff like this is part of what she does.

    It's her job! And maybe the fact that Meghan's pregnancy is so different from hers is funny to her. Either way, we look forward to seeing more relatable updates from Amy throughout the next few months!

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