21 of Ember & Jackson Roloff's Cutest Moments Thus Far

21 of Ember & Jackson Roloff's Cutest Moments Thus Far

Jackson and Ember Roloff

Its' pretty much a fact at this point that there's just nothing cuter than teeny, tiny baby BFFs. While it is possible that the parents enjoy having someone to hang out with (we could all use some mom friends!), shared moments also make for some pretty cute photo opps -- and cousins Jackson and Ember Roloff might just be the perfect example. These adorable little ones -- who belong to Little People Big People Big World’s Zach and Tori, and Jeremy and Audrey -- were born just a few short months apart. And considering their dads are twins, and the whole family is pretty tight-knit, it’s basically expected that the babies will be hanging out together fairly often.

At just a little over a year old, Jackson and Ember have already had plenty of fun times. And thankfully, there's usually a camera close by -- held up by their parent or even a loving grandparent -- ready to capture those moments for fans and followers to enjoy, too. So far, the cousins have hung out and played together at birthday parties, shared their toys, taken a variety of rides together (both in wagons and on their grandpa's rig), and showed us their sweet, sweet smiles many times over. Anyone who looks at their moments together can see how easy it is to imagine that Jackson and Ember will grow up to build a beautiful bond over the years -- and we're sure their parents are hoping for the same thing!

Fans of the show -- or even lovers of adorable baby photos -- will enjoy scrolling through some of Ember and Jackson's cutest moments together so far that get better and better by the day.

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