28 Ways Jenna Dewan Inspires Moms to Unleash Their Inner Vixen

28 Ways Jenna Dewan Inspires Moms to Unleash Their Inner Vixen

Jenna Dewan

In this day and age, it's pretty easy to get a glimpse into the life of a celebrity. When the news isn't telling us what's up with, say, Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, we're able to just scroll through Instagram, watch some Stories, or check out what they've tweeted to get the 411. Some days, it can send us spiraling down a deep, dark hole (those are definitely the days we put the phone down and take a technology break). On others, we use those posts as a source of inspiration. Who says we can't channel that fierce "fabulousness" and endless confidence in our own lives?

Um, no one, that's who.

Take Jenna Dewan, for instance. Sure, the actress likely has some bad days (it's important to remember that what we see is the highlight reel, not the whole picture), but she doesn't seem to let any naysayers get to her.

If she wants to show off her lacy lingerie, she shows it off. If she’s in the mood to dance, she busts a move. And can we just talk about how the woman seriously knows how to strike a pose? Because she does. She's basically mastered it.

We're just constantly in awe of Jenna. She's become our definition of #momgoals, as the actress also has 5-year-old Everly with her ex-husband, Channing Tatum. What we've also realized is that, by taking a quick scroll through Jenna's feed, we're practically getting a lesson in how to be the ultimate "mombshell" (mom plus bombshell). She's subtly been sharing her tips and tricks this whole time!

To help fellow mamas harness the powers of their inner vixen, we've rounded up 28 of Jenna's sexiest posts that can -- and will continue to be -- a source of inspiration.

  • Lead With Confidence


    Every woman walking this Earth deserves to feel sexy and, more importantly, confident. Confidence doesn't come an outfit, but from within -- so embrace it.

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