Keira Knightley 'Banned' Her 3-Year-Old From Watching 2 Disney Movies

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Keira Knightley
Mario Anzuoni/REUTERS

Disney movies will forever be a part of our childhood. And with so much talk as of late about remakes, sooner or later, parents will have to decide which classics are coming out of the archives. Welp, it seems not all moms and dads are into these beloved films as actress Keira Knightley "forbids" certain Disney classics in her home. Needless to say, her confession caught people off guard and is getting a mixed reaction.

  • Keira made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she opened up about the Disney movies her 3-year-old is "banned" from watching.

    Keira, who's promoting The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, is the proud mom of her 3-year-old daughter, Edie, whom she shares with her husband, Klaxons musician James Righton.

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  • She's not a fan of movies such as Cinderella because of the message they promote.

    "She waits around for a rich guy to rescue her," the celeb mom told the host about certain Disney films not upholding her "feminist values," E! News reports. "Don't! Rescue yourself. Obviously!"

  • The actress also admitted that although she really loves the soundtrack, The Little Mermaid doesn't have her approval either.

    Her explanation? "Do not give your voice up for a man. Hello!"

  • There are, however, a handful of Disney films that are perfectly acceptable, in Keira's eyes, for her daughter to see.

    Moana and Dory (the character that Ellen voices) get Keira's thumb of approval for her 3-year-old daughter. Clearly, she wants her little girl to see examples of empowered women, which is a great idea.

  • As expected, lots of people couldn't help but sound off about Keira's stance.

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  • Critics think she's taking these movies too seriously as it's more about what parents teach their kids, not what they watch.

  • Some actually thought Keira missed the true message of the films.

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    A number of people feel that neither of the main characters Keira has an issue with started out pursuing a man. Cinderella wanted to go to the ball and get a night off, and Ariel wanted to be human.

  • And feel Cinderella and "he Little Mermaid didn't have much of an effect on them growing up.

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    One woman admitted she owns her own business but also found her "prince charming" at the same time. We're allowed to have both!

  • Also, does this mean that Keira will ban her own films, too?

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    Many agreed that she, herself, played a damsel in distress in Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

  • A few, however, did understand Keira's concerns -- or at least agreed she has the freedom to parent her child however she wants.

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    Her kid, her choice! 

    (Mom-shaming is a real thing, folks.)
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  • Perhaps Keira will change her mind after hearing from critics, but either way, she's doing what she thinks is best for her child.

    It's also entirely possible that her daughter will end up seeing these movies at a friend's house -- so only time will tell!

  • You can check out Keira Knightley's interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show here:

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