Tori Roloff Responds to Questions About Son Jackson's Dwarfism

Tori Roloff Responds to Questions About Son Jackson's Dwarfism

Tori Roloff, Zach Roloff, Jackson Roloff, and dog Murphy

Anyone who tunes in to Little People, Big World understands why the Roloffs are a family people can't help but love. They're affectionate, not afraid to get into spats like ordinary clans, and sometimes have us laughing at their antics. (Seriously, this reality show has been on for close to 14 seasons and still gets us every time.) They really are a lovable bunch, but it's hard not to gush over one star of the show, in particular, who is the mom friend in our head we could only dream of cruising the aisles of Target with.

... and her name is Tori Roloff.

Tori is that gal pal who tells it like it is -- but with an affectionate touch to everything she says -- isn't afraid to be real (or keep it real), and lets her goofy flag shine like no other. Her mom confessions are too relatable that have us praising her for her honesty as it's so refreshing.

And another reason we happen to love this reality star mom is for her ability to educate us about her journey as the wife and mom of two awesome guys with dwarfism.

As curious as some people might be about little people -- daily life, interactions, common misconceptions, etc.  -- Tori welcomes these questions with open arms in efforts to break down barriers and provide more understanding. In fact, the Little People, Big World star recently encouraged her Instagram followers to ask her whatever questions they wanted about dwarfism.

Here's a look at 20 responses Tori gave (she got a ton of questions) about dwarfism, and how it affects her life as a mom and wife. (Spoiler alert: Outside of enriching it in the most beautiful way, it doesn't.)

Tori's honesty is truly one of the many things we love about her.


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