Chrissy Teigen's Fans Defend Her After She Posts a Nude Bath Pic of Her Kids

Chrissy Teigen, Luna, and Miles

If no one told you, Chrissy Teigen is pretty much the queen of social media. Whether she's posting a photo of herself "breastfeeding" her daughter's doll or sharing a shot of her stretch marks, you can always expect her to keep it real. So, when the star gave her two kids -- daughter Luna, 2, and son Miles, 4 months, who she shares with husband John Legend -- a bath in the sink, she decided to post a photo, allowing everyone get another glimpse at their cuteness. And when we say this mama and her followers were ready for any and all backlash, believe us.

  • Chrissy's ah-dorable photo showed big sis Luna holding Miles in the sink during bath time.

    So sweet! As Chrissy perfectly writes in her Instagram post, "*heart explodes*" --  a million times over, if you ask us.

    The celeb mom, however, was already prepared for some backlash (she tends to get her fair share), adding a "heads up" for followers: "If you have some weird issue with this, you’re weird."
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  • For the most part, the comments were friendly. (Thank goodness!)

    People just couldn't get over the cuteness that Chrissy had captured.

  • Some even related to sibling bath time.

    Whether they bathed with their own siblings or had put multiple kids in the tub or sink at once, many were like, "been there, done that, no judgement here, Chrissy."

  • Still, it just seemed too calm, and like us, fans were on the lookout for negative stuff.

    There's always at least one mean comment!

  • Those who objected to the photo were mostly concerned about the dangers of sharing naked baby pics on social media.

    Because Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are public figures, this one is likely to make the rounds. You just never know who could be looking at it.

  • Aside from that, friends of the model and cookbook author decided to troll her.

    They were jokingly concerned with Elmo, who could be seen abandoned in the background.

  • Folks also had "issues" with some other things they saw in the pic.

    Instagram comments

    ... like the fact that Chrissy's sink is huge and that those little ones are able to cause baby fever.

  • Regardless of what anyone says, we hope that Chrissy continues to keep it real.

    We love how open she is about motherhood, and we love seeing photos of those adorable babies.

    Keep doing you, Chrissy!

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