41 Celebrity Baby First Birthday Party Ideas Perfect for LO

41 Celebrity Baby First Birthday Party Ideas Perfect for LO

Kim Kardashian and Kayne West kidchella birthday party for daughter North West

For some parents, birthday parties are a pretty big deal. It’s not just the fact that the photos will end up being plastered all over Instagram, or that the good (and the really, really bad) parties are talked about for months after they end. It's simply that the the goal is to make their kids happy on their special day. So, when it comes time for planning, no detail is too small and no DIY is too complicated. The cake being served needs to look and taste like perfection. The decorations need to be playful and kid-friendly, but also chic at the same time. And let's not forget that the family outfits are just as important. (Clothes should be picked out well in advance.)

But what happens when parents are stumped and are at a loss about how to celebrate? And what do said parents do if, gulp, it’s their child’s first birthday ... and they're drawing a big blank?

Well, the answer lies on Instagram -- celebrity Instagrams -- to be specific.

The truth is that stars are constantly sharing their photos of elaborate and simple parties they throw for their babies -- and a quick look at what they decided to do might spark some ideas. At the least, parents will be able to see that anything (and we mean anything) goes.

Here's a look at 41 fun first birthday party ideas -- from festival-inspired bashes, to color schemes, to variety of princess themes. (Yes, there's more than one way to do "princess") By the time parents are through, hopefully, they'll realize that they shouldn’t stress too much. After all, this day is meant to be fun for the parents, too!

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