Snooki Comes Under Fire After Opening Up About Her Struggles to Have Baby #3


Getting pregnant isn't easy for everyone. Even celebrities have had their fair share of fertility struggles. One recent example? Snooki, aka, Nicole Polizzi. The Jersey Shore star recently opened up about the hard time she's having getting pregnant with baby number three ... and is catching heat for her confession that's so sad (and appalling).

  • Snooki, who's already a mom to Lorenzo, 6, and Giovanna, 4, said that she and husband Jionni LaValle are trying to have a third child.

    Snooki is just one of the Jersey Shore stars who are now parents.

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  • But is having some difficulties.

    "We've actually been trying for two months now and it's not happening," the celeb mom revealed to Us Weekly in an exclusive interview about trying to get pregnant. "So I'm just gonna relax. If it happens, it happens."

  • Some women were fired up about Snooki's "struggle" as they don't feel two months is that long of a time to try for a baby and caught feelings.

    Facebok comments

    Many commenters shared how many years they've struggled with infertility, adding that Snooki's confession is kind of insulting.

  • But it's important to remember that Snooki herself wasn't the one to call it a "struggle" in the first place.

    The reality star was simply answering questions about having another baby.

  • Others opted to share some advice, both kind and not so kind.

    Facebook comments

    People always have some type of opinion to give.

  • Guys, it's OK to be nice.

    Snooki's journey is Snooki's journey. She's not trying to insinuate in any way her conceiving woes are worse than anyone else's.

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