18 Celeb Parents Who Got Real About 'Getting It On' After Having Kids

18 Celeb Parents Who Got Real About 'Getting It On' After Having Kids

Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith

Naturally, women's bodies go through a lot of changes during and after a pregnancy. And one of the things that can sometimes be an afterthought to women who've just given birth is what sex will be like post-baby. But don't worry, celebs have us covered. Whether it's dealing with the pains that can happen right after having a baby, or maintaining a healthy sex life with kids around, celebrity moms and dads have some sage words of wisdom and advice. We know it's hard to remember sometimes, but celeb moms are just that ... moms. They go through the same experiences and have the same concerns as regular moms.

Because of that, they've always had to deal with the reality that the sex life of parents can be wildly different after welcoming a child into the world. (Then again, sometimes it's not -- depending on the couple, of course.) Since they have a public voice, celebrities are using it to get the word out to say that although rumblings between the sheets might not be the same after having a baby, it's OK.

(After all, it's all a part of life, right? )

Some celebrities claim that their sex life got better after having a baby, while others say it takes a little time to get back into groove again. So no matter what the issue is, these celeb parents have experienced it.

Here's a look at 18 celebrities who were candid about sex after having kids. Get ready, these ladies and gents are holding nothing back -- and we love them for it.

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