The Surprising Way Katie Holmes Could Lose Custody of Suri Cruise

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Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise
Elder Ordonez/Splash News

Ever since Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise back in 2012, there have been whispers about their relationship, Tom's practicing Scientology, and how things would play out regarding their daughter, Suri. There has also been chatter about the consequences of Katie leaving Scientology and how it would affect her personal life. And now, it appears there might be some truth to the rumors. Actress Leah Remini asserts Katie Holmes could lose custody of her daughter, Suri Cruise, if Leah so much as talks to her, given the allegations against Scientology and how strict the religion reportedly is with people who leave.

  • Leah opened up about Scientology to LaPalme magazine, where she made a surprising claim about her old pal, Katie Holmes.

    "The people who speak on the show are champions," Remini expressed about her show, The Scientology and the Aftermath, and its participants during her interview, E! News reports. "But I keep wondering -- why haven't Katie Holmes or Nicole Kidman spoken out? I assume they were forced to sign prohibitive documents."

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  • "Trust me, Katie's not allowed to have a meal with me, and we used to be close friends. She could lose custody of Suri," she declared.

    "It's quite sick, really," the former King of Queens star added.

    Leah's sentiments mirror past reports that Katie can't publicly date another man (a number of people believe this is one of the reasons why Katie and Jamie Foxx took so long to go public with their relationship) or talk about Scientology as part of a five-year divorce contract she signed to get out of her marriage.

  • And people have lots of opinions about the matter.

    Facebook comments

    Judging by most of these comments, many people believe that Leah was telling the truth.

  • Some, however, pointed out that custody is really a legal issue that has nothing to do with the church -- which is true.


    Tom and Suri Cruise's relationship has been quite estranged to say the least. Numerous outlets reported that the Hollywood actor hasn't seen his now 12-year-old daughter since his divorce with Katie was finalized.

  • It all sounds pretty intense, not to mention scary.

    We may never know the truth, but maybe Katie should avoid any run-ins with Leah ... just in case.

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