40 Celebrity Kid Birthday Party Ideas That Are Sure to Be a Hit

Imani Bashir | Sep 29, 2018 Celebrity Moms
40 Celebrity Kid Birthday Party Ideas That Are Sure to Be a Hit

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott daughter unicorn birthday party

These days, celebrating and planning a child's birthday is organized down to every detail -- from the theme to the guests and everything in between. There can be a lot of moving parts when trying to narrow down just exactly how big or intimate of a birthday it needs to be. Will the child remember? Should they smash the cake? Is this really just a way for the adults to have a great time? Whatever the choice, learning from celebrity parents can help in the long run. Celebrity moms and dads often display their child's birthdays as an extravaganza for the world to see. However, some celebrities -- like Serena Williams choose not to celebrate birthdays -- but can certainly make any other day feel just as special without putting in much effort at all.

Sometimes, a child's birthday is a simple occasion to be with the family and enjoy the new milestone of parenting. It brings back the modest days of going to Chuck E. Cheeses and having pizza while the kids run around and take pictures with the characters in animal costumes! Other times, it's a way of going all out with a huge cake, lots of gifts, and party favors for the guests. And a few drinks for the bigger guests ... wink, wink!

(Hey, not judging. Just don't forget our invite!)

The point of the party is for everyone to have a really good time. If grandmother's cupcakes won't do, then order from an awesome bakery. Don't feel like cooking for 50-plus kids and their parents? Try a local caterer -- or phone a few friends who can divvy up the responsibility. There are tons of affordable stores to provide all your decorative needs. Don't feel like going through the trouble of decorating for the party? No problem! There are surely party planners around who can get the job done!

The options are endless, and with social media, anyone can truly find out who's the real "/Cake Boss" in the area.

Whether being the parent who's completely hands-on or completely hands-off with the planning process, these celebrity kid birthdays are fun examples of how a good soiree goes down. TBH, not everyone is going to shut down an entire theme park like Kim K, or buy their child a $24,000 tree house like Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise did. There still are some good takeaways from these events that can translate into affordable options for the everyday family (not counting life-size unicorns).