22 Celebrity-Inspired Babymoon Ideas That Are All About Wanderlust

22 Celebrity-Inspired Babymoon Ideas That Are All About Wanderlust

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Yes -- we all love the idea of honeymoons and spouses relaxing on a beach in hopefully some exotic location without a care in the world. (Sounds pretty, right?) Well, when a couple really needs a vacation, it usually isn't right after the wedding, but rather, right before that duo is about to welcome a new life into the world. Pregnancies can be tough. There are cravings, mood swings, swollen feet, and plenty of other unpleasant things. But thanks to the idea of a babymoon (a vacation right before a new baby is born), couples can take some much needed rest before the new phase of madness begins. And celebrities ... well, of course, they've taken some of the best of them.

From Hawaii to Europe, celeb couples have pretty much reached the whole globe when it comes to take pregnancy vacays, and of course, they've bragged all over social media to prove it. 

But honestly, we don't mind. Who doesn't love living vicariously through someone on an awesome vacation? While the term "babymoon" might be relatively new, the idea of taking one last peaceful trip before the baby comes definitely is not. However, over the years, celebs have definitely gotten a lot more elaborate and extravagant when taking these vacations, so moms-to-be, start taking notes. These celebs know how to babymoon the right way. 

Whether it's their first kid or their third -- it doesn't matter. Celebrity moms are all about taking that time off the enjoy the last few weeks of their pregnancy, and all expecting mothers should try do the same. So, here are 22 celebrity babymoon vacations that will anyone's heads with all kinds of wanderlust.

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