Channing Tatum Shares a Rare Pic of His Daughter Everly & It's All About 'Love'

Channing Tatum

There is simply no denying the love this celeb dad has for his child. Channing Tatum shared a rare photo of his daughter, Everly, that comes with a heartfelt message that's giving everyone the feels. (Seriously, it's pretty darn sweet.)

  • Channing recently took to Instagram to share this snap of his 5-year-old daughter showing some love.

    "So my daughter giving the [love sign] at her school assembly today just confirmed what i already knew. She cool AF!!" Channing Tatum wrote in his Instagram post. "And that i will never even come close to how f-ing cool she is. I’m proud and feeling some pangs of dad dork growing. Just look at this pic if you ever need help. It has done a lot for me. Ok good night."

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  • And folks are in love with the gesture -- literally.

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    Channing and Jenna Dewan's daughter is a sweetheart.

  • People can't help but point out the "I love you" sign Everly is proudly showing.

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  • And think it's pretty great because, frankly, that's what the world needs.

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    Love, so much love.

  • We don't blame Channing one bit for gushing over his daughter.

    It's pretty sweet.

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