43 Celebrity-Inspired Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas That Are Truly Picture Perfect

Imani Bashir | Sep 27, 2018 Celebrity Moms
43 Celebrity-Inspired Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas That Are Truly Picture Perfect

Pregnant Katherine Heigl baby bump

The excitement of having a baby would not be complete without some sort of trinket to remember the beauty of pregnancy. (No matter the ups and downs, the morning sickness and sore feet, we mamas need something to honor the days when we grew life in our bellies.) A great way moms -- including celebrity mothers -- are commemorating this special time (and their baby bumps) is with a maternity photo shoot. Though pregnancy can be daunting, a maternity shoot is a fantastic way to allow moms to feel beautiful while celebrating a new stage in their lives.

After all, we deserve to look (and feel) wonderful!

The whole idea behind a great maternity shoot is to choose a theme that best fits the mom. Or, expectant moms can go against the grain with something totally random and impromptu. (Hey, we need options.) Because celebrity moms have access to more than the everyday mama, it may seem that recreating some of their ideas would be stressful. However, the point is to have fun and let one's hair down. Finding inspiration from celebrity mamas is a great place to begin creating lasting maternity memories worth framing.

Sure, not all of us have Beyonce's money, but that doesn't stop us from pulling a few takeaways from her and other fave celebs and their amazing pics. Heck, given today's world -- and the DIY-slash-Pinterest movement -- it's not hard to whip up something amazing on a budget.

Here's a look at some celebrity-inspired maternity shoots that are, indeed, picture perfect and distinctive in their own right!