Kate Hudson Just Hinted She's in Labor & Her 'Maternity Ward Looks' Are a Mood

Kate Hudson

Just when you think celebrity pregnancy announcements are fashion-forward, here comes this mama-to-be to level up the game in an unexpected way. Kate Hudson just hinted she's in labor in a series of posts that are inspired by the runway. (Seriously, it's pretty good.)

  • Kate took to Instagram Stories to have a little fun announcing she's heading to the hospital.

    Kate Hudson revealed she's expecting her third child, her first baby girl and child with boyfriend Danny Fujikawa, back in April. Her precious little one -- who could be making her big debut sooner than later -- will join Kate's two sons, Ryder, 14, and Bingham, 6, from previous relationships.

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  • And she's styled to the high fashion heavens.


  • Though this mom-to-be could totally be rocking sweats and a baggy T-shirt, her envisioned looks for the maternity ward are inspired by the runway.

    "Active labor look." Hospital gown. Same thing.

  • And quite functional, too.

    A breastfeeding essential, hahaha.

  • Kate even has a voguish his-and-hers look for her and Danny to wear once the visitors start flooding in to see their baby daughter.

  • And of course, mama needs to make a big exit once she's ready to go home.


  • Because she's leaving the same way she came (in a different outfit, of course): ready to slay.

  • Whatever makes you feel like you're living your best life and gets you through pushing out that baby and placenta, girl!

  • Godspeed, mama.

    We can't wait to see the baby!

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