Carrie Underwood Gives a Glimpse of Her Growing Baby Bump in Her New Music Video

Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood/YouTube

Hey bean! Carrie Underwood's growing baby bump is present and accounted for in her new music video "Love Wins." (Well, technically the bump would have to be there, but you get what we're saying.) This mom-to-be is glowing -- and not because of her glittery face and the color bombs going off around her.

  • "Love Wins" is Carrie's new music video that's all about compassion, coming together, and, of course, love."

    Carrie touches on gun violence, politics, how divided the world is, and why love has to be the answer in her new song.

    "Love is power, love is a smile[,]
    Love reaches out, love is the remedy[,]
    Love is the answer, love's an open door[,]
    Love is the only thing worth fighting for[.]"

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  • And if those positive vibes don't deliver the feels, seeing glimpses of the singer's growing baby bump throughout the video will.

    Carrie Underwood and her hubby, Mike Fisher, are expecting their second child. The country star, who revealed her baby news back in August, is also the proud mama to the couple's 3-year-old son, Isaiah.

  • What can we say? We get giddy over bumps.

  • Recently, Carrie opened up about her pregnancy and how her 3-year-old son is handling things.

    "He'll be really sweet," the celeb mom told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show about her son Isaiah with her baby bump. "He'll talk to my belly, and kiss my belly. He's the sweetest little boy."


  • We're so excited for her family and their new addition on the way.

    Congrats again!