Dear Cardi B, Fighting for Your Daughter Doesn't Mean Putting Hands (Or Shoes) on People

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Cardi B
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It's been incredible to watch your journey, Cardi B, to this level of fame and bag securing. To see how you have been able to put yourself and your family in a better position is nothing short of the true meaning of goals. So many of us moms are in the same boat, figuring out how to make the next move our best move. Creating opportunities for our loved ones and generating wealth that’ll last is something all mothers think about daily.

  • We all want the best for everyone around us, and you have succeeded in doing that.

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  • On September 8, you posted an Instagram note about Nicki Minaj coming for your parenting.

    It seemed that she made you mad enough to want to fight based on her liking comments about you as a mother, or as you said your "abilities to take care of" your daughter. I truly understand your frustrations because most moms are scrutinized one way or another.

  • But, do you realize that you're in a better position to take care of your daughter than most mothers?

    Better than your mother? Better than my mother? Better than me?

    As a new mother, I didn't even have enough money to put in a savings account for my son. It's crazy because I am often at the whims of wondering if I'm doing all of the right things for my son because I have to constantly stay vigilant in finding ways to provide for him. You got out of the strip club and created something better for your child, whereas many women are going to the strip club to do just that.

  • No one in the public has ever seen your daughter or how you parent -- so what do they know?

    Cardi B and Nicki Minaj
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    Thus far, you've secured one hell of a story to tell Kulture when she's older about being resilient, determined, and relentless toward goals. TBH, you have already shown her that you earned every bit of what you have.

    This is great parenting, in my humble opinion. Why is that not enough?
  • You said, "I've worked too hard and come too far to let anybody f*ck with my success." The sad thing is, you already allowed them to.

    You're the one showing you're incapable of handling your own success. A part of being in the spotlight is knowing that not everyone is going to wish you well or have a kind word. Hell, that happens to the rest of us as well.

  •  You have given naysayers a license to have you looking crazy.

    ... at one of the most elite fashion brand industry parties during New York Fashion Week, no less.

    Do you know how many creatives will never get the opportunity to be invited by Harper's Bazaar? But, there you were. Were you there three or four years ago? Probably not.

    You looked exquisite to be a few months post-partum -- with the exception of the unnecessary knot above your eye. That early in my post-partum, I was experiencing depression and could only dream of a night out where I could just let my hair down, feel beautiful, and escape for a few hours.

    Do you know how many mothers just need that kind of break?

    Imagine the many mothers that just want to eat hot food when it’s hot or go and pee when they have to. In fact, I'm writing this with the same sports bra I had on yesterday that smells of breast milk, and I'm anticipating what the next move will be for creating a success you already have.
  • A lot of women, including me, would've loved the chance to be in a gown and be seen and recognized for being great. And this what you do with it?

    After making it out of the Bronx. After making it out of the strip club. After putting your family in a better space and creating opportunities for your little sister, Hennessy. (My little sister doesn’t even speak to me. Sad, right?)

  • You played the sticks and stones game by choosing to fight. And let me be completely honest, it had nothing to do with your daughter.

    Cardi B
    Pap Nation/Splash News

    Your daughter is a blessing that won't feel that jealousy and envy from anyone. She's protected by God, and I'm sure is healthy, happy, and eating very well.

    If you put a roof over your baby's head, you have done well. If you can feed and clothe your baby with clean clothing, you are doing your job. But, if you are going to use every bit of this moment of success to put yourself in the position of losing it all, you're a damn fool.

  • If you have no one in your ear telling you these opportunities can be taken away because of this nonsense, then let me be the first to say it.

    Although you're a mother, you're also a rapper. Take the anger, frustration, and put your punches on a track. Secure another bag for the future of your child. That could've been the opportunity to tell your story and still add to the jackpot. Make a diss video, and have a go at anyone who has problems with Cardi B.

  • Has nobody learned from Remy Ma doing six years in prison -- missing out on seeing her children -- because of reacting in the heat of a moment?

    Nowadays fights are just one lawsuits away from someone being put in jail. You have too much to lose now.

  • Do you realize that not everyone gets that second moment to make it happen -- or understand you could be removed from your daughter?

    I'm not here to judge. I'm just another new mother finding her way through parenting, not wanting another mother feeling inadequate when she’s done brilliantly in securing a present and future for her child.
  • Stay vigilant in showing your daughter an example that means something.

    ... because our children don't follow what we say, they follow what we do.

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