Tori Spelling Shared a Back-to-School Pic of Her Kids & Adults Seriously Need to Do Better

Tori Spelling

No child should ever be exposed to harsh words and harassment of any kind, especially from grown adults who should know better. Tori Spelling's back-to-school photo of her kids was supposed to celebrate a first in her celeb family. Instead, her children are coming under fire and that proves we need to do better (so much better) for the next generation.

  • Four of Tori's five kiddos are ready to hit the books, which will mark the first time they'll all be in the same school together.

    "School officially began today for my [four] older kiddos ... This marks the first year that they'll all be in the same school at the same time," Tori Spelling explains in her Instagram post. "You know what that means? For one year and one year only ONLY 1 drop off = Happy Mom. And, Finn started Kindergarten at his new school and felt so proud to be at his big boy school with his older brother and sisters. #ThisIsFourInElementarySchool #SixthGrade #FifthGrade #FirstGrade #Kindergarten #Liam #Stella ##Hattie #Finn."

    Tori and Dean McDermott have five children together: Liam, 11, Stella, 10, Hattie, almost 7, Finn, 6, and Beau,1.

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  • And for some reason, grown a** people actually think it's okay to criticize how they look.

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  • Or poke fun at their weight, which is quite disgusting.

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    Tori Spelling gets criticized as is, but coming after her kids is just unacceptable.

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  • Thankfully, there are people who are appalled with adults attacking children and had to come to their defense.

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  • Because, in a world where kids of all ages are harming themselves because of bullying, we need to do better.

    ... SO much better!

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